The Best Tips On Producing Great 3D Drawings


A 3D sketch can take your drawing to a totally different level. There are many 3D artists who have created pieces of work that seem to just jump off of the page when they are viewed. This is created through a combination of several techniques including airbrushing. The good news is that you can create drawings that are just as eye catching as these artists once you have implemented the following tips into your work.




One of the first lessons that are taught in the 3D part of art class is the importance of lighting. For example, you are taught the way to suggest spheres, and accomplishing this by shading the area in that is furthest away from the source of light. The places where the light appears on the object should be the lightest area. This means that the object should gradually become darker as it moves away from the light source.


This means that if you want to photograph like other artists you will need to pay close attention to the source of light that you are using. You will also need to take into consideration how your light source will affect your final drawing. Do not forget that texture also affects lighting so keep this in mind if you are using brick, stone or leaves.


Be Creative


It is also important that you are creative and think outside of the box when you are creating your drawings. For example, Ramon Bruin often used his own hand when he wanted to showcase his pieces of artwork. The hand and the image gave the illusion that they were interacting with each other.


Find your own angle and a way that you can make your sketches and drawings unique.




It is not difficult to create perspective if you keep one simple rule in mind. When an object is close, it appears larger. When an object is far away, it appears smaller.


If you are in need of a visual, you can choose a long pathway or hallway. Stand in the middle of the path and look the opposite way. The path will appear smaller and even look as if it is coming together the further away it is from you. Take this into consideration when creating your drawings. How will the viewer look at your drawing?


These are some of the tips that you can use to make your 3D drawings stand out from the rest. Combined with the right tools, you will create unforgettable drawings.


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